It’s more than selling gas—
it’s about offering *solutions*.

Noble understands that the industries we serve are frequently changing and evolving. Equipment and technologies are constantly under development, and as such it takes a singular dedication to stay on top of this evolution. We are committed to cultivating that expertise and put stock in our people who have unparalled, long-term experience in the industry. At Noble, we pride ourselves on leveraging that unique expertise in order to offer our customers the greatest advantage in the marketplace.

How does our consulting benefit you?

At Noble, we’re not just selling a product and walking away. We provide our customers with a fresh set of eyes! Our reps are teaching, explaining, and demonstrating better ways to apply the gases and the equipment that we handle. Every sales rep is poised to offer recommendations and advice on the newest machines, processes, and technology. We can help you optimize processes, lower productivity costs, streamline your business, and stay on the cutting edge of your industry— these are the solutions our customers value most.

The Noble Technical Team

At Noble, we’re focused on selling you solutions. We recognize that in each of the markets that we serve, whether it be Industrial, Specialty, or Medical, it takes more than a just a low price; it requires a commitment to address all the factors involved to help our customers be successful.

As such we have dedicated ourselves to having the most knowledgeable and technically proficient staff that we can— people that have been intimately involved in the industry for years and so bring a level of professionalism that no one else can offer. We have a number of senior people who each have at least two decades of experience in the business, and for our customers, that is a unique and invaluable resource for them to tap.

How do you take advantage of that expertise? Call us! We are happy to consult with you and see what we can accomplish together! We look forward to hearing from you!

But don’t just believe us. Listen to our customers. Look over our Case Studies to see how we have been able to assist other customers in improving their productivity. At Noble, we feel the best indicator of future success is a proven history of past successes!

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