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Series 917 Protocol Station

What is a “Protocol Station”? A Protocol Station is a cylinder regulator that is mounted on the wall.  This wall-mounting of a regulator makes changing cylinders safer and hassle-free, while protecting the regulator from damage during the changing process because the operator handles only the flexible pigtail.

The 917 protocol station is designed to provide a convenient way to mount virtually any pressure regulator that has a CGA connection or 1/4″ NPT female inlet. For most installations, you can use your existing regulator, or we can get the 917 for you with its own regulator according to your specifications.

Available in brass or 316 stainless steel in both single cylinder and double cylinder configurations. A pressure switch alarm option is also available to alert users that the cylinder in use is approaching empty. Check valves are available to prevent downstream back-flow, and are integrated with the CGA connection to the cylinder. All models are rated for 3000 psig operating pressure.

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Series 917 Protocol Station

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