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Independent welding distributors gathered at this year’s Purity Plus event in South Carolina. The event brought companies together from coast to coast to share their knowledge, experience, and capabilities with their fellow Purity Plus distributors. What is Purity Plus? Purity Plus is a division of the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC). Purity Plus is a
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Our team was proud to demonstrate the power of Noble Gases during The Doane Stuart School’s Element of the Week. The students of Doane Stuart have been learning all about the periodic table and their various everyday uses. To keep the students engaged in learning, the school’s science department asked Noble Gas Solutions to demonstrate the
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New liquid nitrogen puffs, or Dragon’s Breath, frozen dessert has become the food fad of this summer. This frozen dessert is made up of liquid nitrogen dipped cereal. This new treat releases a thick fog once eaten and exhaled from your mouth and nose. This effect looks like dragon breath, gaining its quirky name. The
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